Twenty five years ago we began the business of building up what we believe to be the finest place to buy wine in Melbourne. From the start, we knew the ingredients; a range of classic Australian unparalleled in all of the city, wines imported from undiscovered producers of fantastic quality and people with the knowledge and enthusiasm to champion the cause of good wine.

Today we continue to believe in the same things. As wine stores are slowly being transformed into one faceless chain we believe there is an ever-growing need for the individual and specialist store. Burwood Cellars remain passionate advocates of wines from all over the world that offer value, character and substance. As an independent we are under no obligation to buy any particular producer's wines. We don't offer big brands of no discernible merit other than a large marketing budget; we simply choose wines that we like, wines that speak of place and individuality.

Over the twenty five years that have passed we have been key players in the market for fine wines, selling everything from First Growth Bordeaux to cult wine from Australia all at competitive prices. So, if you have some loose change and want a case of Run Rig or you are interested in old vintages just give us a call.

We hope you find this website useful and if you are ever in town why not drop into our store.

Current Location:
Burwood Cellars
1340 Toorak Road
Burwood Village
Camberwell, VIC, 3124
Phone -  03 9889 4643 
Fax - 03 9889 4643


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